‘The OMFT symposium’ is dominated by the knowledge and skills of Dr. German Ramirez-Yañez. He is a gifted speaker about the importance of early treatment of children with a myofunctional problem. He clearly shows the relationship between abnormal mouth behavior and the growth of the orofacial skeleton and how this abnormal growth can be corrected by means of myofunctional therapy and the use of Myobraces®.

His lectures are a must for every speech therapist who offers (oro) myofunctional therapy. And certainly also important for dentists, osteopaths, orofacial therapists and orthodontists who are interested in the causes and consequences of deviant mouth behavior and how to treat this effectively with a functional approach. Collaboration and horizontal referral between these disciplines is in the interest of the client.



Dr. German Ramirez is an icon in the world of MFT and lectures fascinatingly about his more than 30 years of experience in investigating and treating malocclusions and oral dysfunctions at a young age (= orthotropics). His specialization is early intervention in oro-facial growth disorders by correcting function. Myofunctional therapy and the use of Myobraces® play an important role in this.
Dr. German Ramirez and his wife Fabiola Nossa together supervise cranio-facial growth and development in children in their Aurora Kids dental clinic, thereby correcting oral dysfunctions. OMFT therapist Fabiola Nossa will speak about how they approach this in their practice.



The Ramirez couple will fill a day with an abundancy of information about myofunctional therapy, case reports, treatment, the practical approach and, of course, the theoretical background. Topics that will be discussed during the symposium include:
• The relationship between myofunctional therapy and health.
• What are the consequences for your overall health if you breathe through the mouth instead of through the nose?
• How do the upper and lower jaw react to this?
• The consequences of breastfeeding versus bottle feeding and food in general.
• What can you do about malocclusions like a deep bite or an open bite?
• What is the approach in MFT practice?
• How to approach child and parent? How do you organize the MFT practice?



Speech/language therapists, MFT specialists, orthodontists, dentists, osteopaths and orofacial therapists.



Tuesday, November 5, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.



UniePlaza Congress and Meeting Center, Multatulilaan 12, 4103 NM Culemborg, The Netherlands.



With a 10% early booking discount until 1 July 2019: € 135 per participant. After that date: € 150 per participant.





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